BRFL was aptly honoured as the 'largest shirt maker in India'. We also received Dun & Bradstreet - Rolta Corporate Award as one of India's top 500 companies.










Our Doddaballapur mill won the Prestigious National safety Award for "Outstanding Performance in Industrial safety as winner for the performance year 2008 based on the lowest average frequency rate." This award was presented by Mr. Mallikarjuna Kharge, honorable Minister for Labour and Employment - Government of India which was received by our Vice President Mr M Gopi on 27 Sept 2010 at New Delhi.





Technology is the most important tool to improve efficiency and hence productivity. We have rigorously kept up to date with the latest in the International markets.

Having partnered with Datatex and SAP, BRFL has implemented a company wide Enterprise Resource Planning tool (ERP) to cover all textile and garmenting processes under one roof.

Datatex, a specialist in the Textile and Garment industry, is used in over 11,500 workstations in 14 different languages in 38 nations, including some of the world's largest and most important textile manufacturers.

SAP SAP brings the financial expertise through their SAP FICO module. The ERP sits on the state of the art IBM servers, in fully redundant in-house Data Center in the Doddaballapur facility.






















We are committed to giving back to the society. Our employees in the factory or office are of utmost priority. We strive to provide them with a sound work environment.



Organic Cotton:
This certification ensures the organic status of textiles. From raw materials to production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, exportation, importation and distribution of all natural fibers through environmentally and socially responsible work standards.


Fair Trade:
A company is Fair Trade Certified when their products meet environmental, labour and developmental standards, set by FLO International and FLO-CERT. Independent auditing of producers, ensure that employees receive minimum wages and bargain collectively, ensure no forced or child labour and ensure health and safety requirements.


SA 8000:
A global social accountability standard, developed by the global accreditation agency - SAI (Social Accountability International). SA 8000 certification ensures decent working conditions, checks the presence of ay forced or child labour, ensures Health and Safety, Freedom of association & right to Collective bargain, work discipline, working hours, compensations and more. SA 8000 offers workplace standard training to managers, workers and auditors


ISO 14001:
An Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 14001 is a tool to manage environmental impact of an organisation. It assures that the organizational processes are in sync with the environment, work standards are employee friendly, environmental reach to external stakeholders like customers, community and regulatory agencies, support the organisation’s environmental plans, policies and actions.






Quality is our promise and we endeavour to match all International standards.

ISO 9001:
This certification aims towards improved customer satisfaction, for which an organisation needs to meet their requirements. ISO 9001 is an organizational framework, tried and tested towards a systematic approach. It sets standards for internal processes of an organization for consistent quality products.


This voluntary testing and certification system is based on the individual responsibility of the manufacturers throughout the textile processing chain. It provides the evidence of the quality of already certified source materials, guarantees the processing techniques, dyestuffs and auxiliaries, recipes and material compositions.